Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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One of the quirkier aspects was the installations around the ground. The ones produced by the members of the Stirling Arts Centre (a local arts group) were related to fish and the environment and they sneakily changed from day to day. I failed to photograph the piece in the dining hall, but I do remember the exhausted shark on the back of another shark wearing a broad grin . . . don't ask!

Outside the dining hall was an installation of seashore birds and a row of hanging fish.

And then there was the painted windsurfer with its textile sail.

Along the path that led to most of the workshops were schools of fish - they were not there on Day One, but appeared during the week.

The waterhole stayed all week, but I swear there were more cans and other junk around the edge on Friday than were there on Sunday.

Tanya Spencer's installations didn't move. Here is her description of the pieces.

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shirleytreasure said...

I loved the schools of mackerel & the jelly fish were great! Great shots..... I have the exactly the same!! He, he..