Friday, October 17, 2008

FibresWest Forum Workshops

Friday afternoon we finished early so we could go and look at what other people had been producing. Here are a few of the photos I took. Unfortunately I missed out on taking photos for two workshops - Ken Smith's Embroidering in the Round and Nalda Searles' Expressing Personal Imagery.

This is from Liz Jeneid's printing and books workshop. If I had not got into Jane's workshop I think I would have liked to do this one. Liz is a lovely lady - I drove her down to Bunbury.

My friend Iris was in Christina Newberry's workshop on recycling clothing and had an absolute ball. This is a knitted top that has turned into a skirt.

Here is an example from Shirley's class. Love those emu feathers.

Jacinta Leishman's class was called Alchemy. They did all sorts of things with cloth and paper.

Two of the most interesting workshops were run by a group of Indians - Artisans of Kala Raksha - who produced the most fabulous scarves from their suitcases on the Bizarre Bazaar night and sold almost all of them. They ran two workshops. The top photo is of mud mirror work, the one below is of traditional tie dyeing. I admire the results, but don't think I am prepared to make so much effort.

Glen Skien's boxes are fabulous and his students produced some wonderful stuff.

The felting workshop by Liz Evans also produced wonderful pieces.

I am mortified that I didn't take any of the work that was done in Nalda Searles' workshop - they were next door and two of my friends - Jan and Jenny - were in the group. However, Shirley has some photos, so check out her blog.

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