Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been very quiet on the blogging front, but have actually produced something. I have been working on my pieces for the Designing Women exhibition which starts on November 12 at the Atwell Gallery on Canning Highway, Alfred Cove.

Each member has to have at least one item in the exhibition (it's in our constitution) and the maximum is five. So far I have my nuno felted scarf for the group display and two pieces that I made during the year for other exhibitions. In the past few days I have completed a 3D piece and have almost constructed a bag. Five pieces done!

I finally played Jane's Improvisational Screen Printing DVD which I bought from her at Bunbury and am newly inspired. Once I finish everything for the exhibition, I plan to get into it. There is a bag of soy wax waiting and Kevin bought a new electric frypan last weekend. The old one can now migrate to the wet studio (aka storeroom). I dug out a bunch of hand dyed fat quarters that beg to be overdyed and/or stencilled, discharged and printed. Time - I need more time.

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