Friday, October 3, 2008

Countdown to Fibres West Textile Forum

I am really looking forward to this. It is the first one I have been to. The forum is in Bunbury (about 2 hours drive south) at a private school (the students are on holiday!). It lasts for a week and you do a five day workshop. I am doing Jane Dunnewold's Surface Design class.

I have been a fan of Jane's since I bought her book " Complex Cloth" back in 1997.

I have all the workshop requirements packed - I needed to use a shopping trolley, a rolling crate, a large shopping bag and a bucket. The list is 2 A4 pages long!

There is a blanket, quilt, towels and a pillow piled on one of the chairs in the family room, waiting to be stuffed in a bag.

I have STUFF to (hopefully) sell at the bazaar crammed in bags in my sewing room - I am amazed at how much I was able to find.

I have not started packing clothes etc - I suspect I will need a large suitcase. I am VERY thankful I am driving and not flying.

It is the DW meeting tomorrow, so there is another collection of stuff on the floor. I am taking one of the tutors down to Bunbury. I have to pick her up in the afternoon after the meeting, she will spend the night with us, and we will set off about 10 am Sunday morning.

There is internet access at the school. I suspect I am going to be too tired to write a blog, but I intend to take lots of photos.

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