Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More on the Forum

The venue for the Forum was Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School. It is about 10km south of Bunbury itself and the buildings are surrounded by bush, so you feel you are in the depths of the country.

Our workshop was in the Art building which is situated on the highest part of the campus and you could hear the traffic on the Bussell Highway and the almost continuous sound of trains taking mineral sands to the port. Once you went down the hill to the other parts of the school the noise faded and birdsong and female chatter were the loudest sounds.

We had lots of laughter. Here is Shirley and her always present camera.

I am glad to have met her - she was the tutor for one of the workshops, is a fabulous weaver and a fun person too. One day I may be able to afford one of her wraps, like the one Shireen is wearing.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers Joan! We had heaps of fun, looking forward to meeting you again in the fibrey future. Xx Shirley