Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas is coming

and I have a heap of textile things to make and do. Almost all the groups I belong to exchange a gift at the last meeting of the year. So this is my list:

Secret Drawer (friendship sewing group - we have been meeting for more than 20 years). Anything that isn't a dust catcher - no ornaments. Food (especially chocolate) and drink OK. We used to exchange a Xmas block, but now we have all received enough for a quilt we have let that lapse. Got to find something useful for less than $10. Doesn't need to be related to textiles.

Designing Women. In the past it has been a Xmas ornament - this year it has morphed into a Xmas angel. We have been making Wild Women/Feral Females during the year so I expect a wide range of pieces. I can't decide between traditional (3-D lace) or an over the top angel with free motion embroidered wings for mine. I have downloaded the design for the former and constructed the body for the latter.

Contemporary Quilt Group. We had to hand over a bag of goodies and get one in return. I have lucked out - my bag contains Japanese silk scraps. I know what I'm going to make - just need to do it.

Husqvarna Club. Two pieces due. The challenge is to make a Christmas bag from one of their promotional shopping bags. I have basically finished this. The embroidery took a LONG time. I think I have the swap gift organised as well.

Thank goodness the last meeting of Innovative Stitches was in November (last Saturday). That's just a bit too early for a Xmas swap.

And both Helen and Kevin have birthdays this week :(

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