Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Day

The exhibition will not be officially opened until Friday evening, but the doors opened this morning.

We had to attach all the labels, and that was when various errors became apparent. I had to print some more labels - I had completely omitted one artist - and we discovered that two items had not been included in the catalogue. Too late to reprint that - we just added the items by hand.

The gallery runs a monthly lunch with a slide show or demonstration. Designing Women were the featured speakers this month, so Juliet and I did a duet, speaking first about the history of DW and then taking the group, divided in two, around the gallery to talk about the exhibits and the techniques used. It was very well received, and we had a number of sales.

Here are some of the pieces I have on display.

My wrap is on the left. It is called Spice Market and is merino roving nuno felted on printed silk chiffon.

This bag is called Scarlet Feathers and has a trim of dyed feathers. The bag itself is velveteen with a red brocade lining.

I made this piece some time ago. The background has organza and wool fibres punched into felt with the embellishing machine. The butterflies were digitised and stitched onto organza sandwiched with Angelina fibres and cut out with a soldering iron.

There was some discussion on Monday about the need for more hanging items. I came back from the gallery, fossicked in my stash of UFOs, found this and also found a frame that it fitted.
So, another item. I have called this Into the Blue.

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linda stokes said...

Saw the exhibition today Joan & was very impressed, you've done a great job of hanging it, looked fabulous!