Thursday, November 20, 2008

An unexpected gift

Isn't this lovely? It was a great idea to include some of the bits used to make it.

Linda sent it to me as thanks for driving her back from Bunbury after Fibres West. I really didn't expect anything because I was glad for the company - I would have had to drive alone otherwise.

It was wrapped in lovely handprinted paper and accompanied by a silk scarf blank. I now need to put some of the techniques I learned in Jane's class to work. Sneaky bit of motivation there. Thanks, Linda.

I again spent the afternoon gallery sitting. It is interesting to watch people's reactions. They vary from the quick scan of the entire galley in order to identify a couple of pieces for a brief examination to the absorbed study of almost every item on display.

Almost all the comments have been positive which is very pleasing. And the red dots are still coming.

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