Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Post 401

Funny how the milestones pass unobserved. I also had my 10,000th visitor last week.

Kevin is trying to get the family blog noticed (it is really his blog now. I rarely comment any more, but as administrator I have to deal with the c*** comments that seem to appear from time to time). Sometimes the tags he puts on messages don't seem to me to match up with the post, but it seems to be paying off. Sunbeam motorcycles, Carter's Little Liver Pills and Miniature Pomegranates are copping lots of hits.

I spent this afternoon gallery sitting. Most of the visitors were from the spinners' group that meets at Atwell House every Tuesday. Some of the comments made were interesting - it seems to be difficult to reconcile art vs craft. The pieces in the exhibition are textiles, so it must be craft BUT some of them are presented (framed) as if they were paintings and they and others are obviously decorative rather than functional objects. ? ? ?

One of the objectives of our group is to raise the profile of textile art in WA. I think this exhibition may have made a small step in this direction.

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