Monday, November 10, 2008

Exhibitions are hard work

An art exhibition does not appear fully developed out of nowhere like Athena from the head of Zeus. The exhibition sub-committee has been working very hard for months and today was the crunch.

There was an empty gallery and there were piles of art works. Somehow the two needed to be combined. The photos are of Helen (exhibition convenor) contemplating. They were taken about 11am.

By 5pm the walls were full and the tables displayed a range of interesting pieces. In the meantime the sign painter had come and gone as had the photographer from the local newspaper.

My contribution? I was the "gofer". I went out and bought coffee, some conduit for hanging scarves and 20 metres of black fabric which Loraine and I converted into skirts for the tables.

I will take more photos tomorrow. Though everything is now in place, there is still quite a bit of tweaking to be done. It is fortunate that we have had two days to hang the exhibition - last time the poor committee had only a day and had to work late into the night to finish.

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