Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Silk Scarf

The scarf was less straight forward than I had expected. The end bags were OK, but I had problems with the Spanish Hemstitch. The last time I used it, I was thrilled with the results. Yesterday I went through bout after bout of unpicking. Eventually I gave up and programmed little buttons so I could join the two parts Kayla Kennington style.
This is the final result.

I also finished another scarf. I had knitted this in various black and white yarns on a circular needle. Today I joined the ends to make a Moebius strip. This type of scarf is so easy to wear, since it sits nicely and you never need to battle with wayward ends.

A friend and I went to the opening of a quilt exhibition this evening. The quilts are made by a small group affiliated with an Anglican church in Melville and another friend is a leading light in this group. There were some very nice quilts on display, but I was most intrigued by this fringed edging.

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