Thursday, November 13, 2008

A day out in the city

We went to Perth by train from Cockburn Central. The trip itself is inexpensive (especially for seniors), smooth, fast and effortless. Finding parking is not. We spent quite a long time driving around both parking areas to no avail before deciding to park at the Gateways Shopping Centre. We walked to the station though we could have caught the bus. Maybe next time.

One of the reasons for the trip was to see the open air photographic exhibition "The World from Above" which is mounted between the Art Gallery and the Museum. Even though I have seen many of them before, the images are breathtaking. Each is accompanied by text commenting upon how mankind is affecting the environment. While these facts and figures are quite sobering, their continuous repetition loses its impact and we both became less and less interested in reading the captions. It is an interesting question to consider: when does repetition of a fact or series of facts lose its effectiveness and cause the auditor to "switch off" or (worse) become desensitised?

We also intended to see an exhibition of photographs relating to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea at the Museum, but missed it by a day. We took a wander through the part of the Museum which once housed the State Library. The mezzanine floors are now basically file storage, but the old jarrah bookcases remain, and the ceiling has been restored.

So have the cast iron spiral staircases that link the levels. You are not allowed to climb them though.

Outside the PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) building there was a team working on a sand sculpture. I find this technique fascinating.

We had considered attending the Wesfarmers AGM, but decided we had had enough and went home. From reports in the media, maybe we should have. It could have been entertaining.

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