Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Count Down to the Craft Fair

I finished the scarf.

I searched all my cupboards and bags and found a few things that are "new" (ie not displayed last year) so they will do at a pinch if stuff does not miraculously appear tomorrow morning. We are still short of work to display on the DW stall.

I searched all my files (on 3 different computers) but couldn't find the flyer for Designing Women. So I rewrote it. I had forgotten how to add the title to a picture in Word - finally a lightbulb went off and I did it in Photoshop - easy peasy!

The rolling trolley is packed. I am going early tomorrow to help with setting up the Art to Wear, then Jan will help set up Designing Women in the afternoon. I WILL remember to take a picture this year!

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