Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Signed, sealed and delivered

We took the Designing Women piece to the WAFTA meeting last night. Alcira and I travelled with Juliet and both of us also delivered our pieces. Here are two photos of the Windows part of mine.

Apparently there are 65 pieces entered. I am not sure how many are hangings because there is also a 3D section. It should be a great show.

There was a guest speaker at the meeting - Katrina Virgona. Her work focuses on language and letters and includes sculptural pieces that represent an invented alphabet. It was a most intriguing and inspirational talk and display of work.

After supper Katrina led us in an activity where we twisted a wire coat hanger into a shape and covered it with cloth, which we were then to decorate. I am hopeless when it comes to manipulating wire, but eventually a most peculiar shape evolved. I have painted it black. Further decoration may or may not happen.

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