Friday, July 31, 2009

Craft Fair Day One

Yesterday went well. Helen B came along and organised us - I think Jan and I would have been there till midnight. As it was we finished by 3.30 pm. We worked on a sort of colour wash, and my latest scarf didn't make the cut. Not to worry - I think it needs a little needle punching, so it's a WIP.

I was back there today - a little delayed by the necessity to deliver daughter Helen's car to Canning Vale. The stall looks great and there was a lot of interest in the pieces. Here are Pauline and Alcira on duty.

Today was my shopping day, and I indulged - though a bit less than I had anticipated.

Tomorrow I am helping at an Embroidery Guild workshop. I need to deliver more flyers for the DW stall. I printed 70+ and almost all had gone by late afternoon.

There are some great displays at the Fair. Tomorrow I plan to take photos of lots of stuff - particularly the Art to Wear and the Embroidery Guild's 40th Anniversary display.

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