Saturday, August 1, 2009

Craft Fair Day 2

I was helping at a workshop this afternoon, so I spent the morning wandering, talking to people I met and taking photos. I really tried to avoid the sellers, but succumbed of course. I did not do a lot of damage to the credit card however.

This year's Art to Wear is the best I have seen. The student entries outnumber the adult ones probably 2 to 1, but the standard of work is excellent - far better than in previous years. Judging of the student entries took place this afternoon and I do not know who were the winners, but my vote was firmly for this entry: "We don't want your cake". Sorry, didn't note the name, but will do so tomorrow.

The concept is great and the execution excellent. This is really ART (but probably not to wear)

Two of my favourites in the adult section were Carole Redlich's Luna Park

and this moth piece.
Again, no attribution. I promise I will rectify this tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am in the Textile Artists at Work section, demonstrating. I am going to play with my embellisher. I have collected a heap of stuff in a couple of different colour ways and I plan to throw bits together and punch until something happens that I like. Hopefully there will be lots of stuff and plenty of photos tomorrow.

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Judy Alexander said...

These are really fun if I only had the body to wear them...