Thursday, August 13, 2009

WAFTA Naturally again

The exhibition has had some good publicity. This is an article from The West Australian on Monday.

Juliet and I were invigilators today. We had to record visitors, which was really hard, since there are 3 entrances and a lot of people visiting the cafe just wandered in while waiting for their order. We recorded about 100 visitors, but think that only 65 or so were serious. Of these, some people spent an hour or more examining the pieces. We tried to speak to everyone, but found the serious ones generally appreciated our input more.

Photography was only permitted of your own piece. Here is the DW one.

Here is mine. Interestingly, I noticed that male visitors seemed to like it and often came back for another look. Good for the ego, that.

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Jenny said...

Yours reminds me a lot of the brick wall in the previous entry. How interesting that the fiber piece actually came before the photo! And extremely interesting that the mortar is stronger than the brick.
Well done on the art - reason to be very chuffed :)