Sunday, August 9, 2009

WAFTA Naturally and Linda's Workshop

The opening of WAFTA Naturally on Friday night was well patronised. The committee did a great organisational job and the pieces all looked fabulous. Photos are not allowed, except of your own piece, but I might just take a gallery view when I am invigilating on Thursday morning.

Saturday was Designing Women and we had a workshop by Linda on disperse dyeing. It was really good, but I did not accomplish much.

I WAS a trifle distracted - I had volunteered to replace a member who was unable to do her catering stint. I am Treasurer and I was collecting money for the Retreat next month, plus no other member of the Executive was there. The Secretary and President were both ill, while the VP had a family involvement. This meant I needed to chair the meeting as well. It is a miracle I managed to do anything at all! I did, but I haven't taken any pics.

Thanks, Linda! I am in awe of the pieces you have done.

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