Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to Square One

I so hated the piece I made in Bev Tarling's workshop I was tempted to bin it. But I also really liked the sundyed background fabric. So I unpicked it. Not a task I really enjoy, but it's done and I have some ideas about how to use the result. Washing and ironing first I think, in hopes of removing the needle holes.

I have also decided to make some additional bits and pieces using the techniques I garnered from Maggie Grey's workshop. I arranged the original ones on some black felt, but felt the piece was too cramped. When I used a larger piece of felt it seemed too sparse.

I have a 40cm square artist canvas. This will be my new background. I got out all the bits I will need this morning and they are sitting there waiting for me to play. Tomorrow I hope.

Today we went to an afternoon tea to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of my uncle Boy (mother's brother) and aunt Pat. We took along a picture we took in Albany earlier in the week.
Kevin and I both enjoy wandering through cemeteries and reading gravestones. I chanced upon this one, but I was not sure if it was actually family, though I knew my mother's forebears came from Albany.

It turns out it is, and Pat was delighted. She is working on the family history, identified the couple (Boy's great grandparents, therefore my great great grandparents) but did not know that their gravesite was still extant. So serendipity does happen.

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