Saturday, August 22, 2009

Playing with Wire

I am not good with pliers and wire, probably due to lack of practice. However I did enjoy Margaret Perkins' workshop today at Innovative Stitches.

First we made a shape from a heavy aluminium wire which she supplied. Then we wrapped it with our own wire - I used copper. I originally made a boat shape, but now I am filling in the third side with gold wire. I intend to add a few beads as I go.

The next task was to make an enclosure for a small treasure. I decided to use one of my own handmade beads - made from red plastic shopping bag, UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder) and gold flakes). I struggled with the basic enclosure shape. The kindest thing you can say about it is that it looks organic.

Margaret demonstrated other techniques for wire which I plan to try out soon - definitely before next month's meeting. We now have a challenge each month to make a piece based on the previous month's workshop.

As for works in progress . . . . My paper bits are finally dry and ready to paint. From left to right: Kozo paper (3 pieces), Lokta paper. At the bottom, water soluble paper and washaway paper stabiliser for machine embroidery.

And here is some acrylic felt painted with gesso, ready to be heat gunned when it is dry.

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