Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Craft Fair Day 3

This is the display of entries in the Connections competition which the Thread Studio ran at the beginning of the year. Every entry had to use the embellisher, though additional stitching, beading etc was allowed. There were some wonderful pieces.

I spent the day in the Textile Artist's section with Alcira. She had some of her fabulous paper creations on display, and was folding papers in preparation for another piece.

I played with the embellisher and found that many people were very interested. One of the FAQ was how often needles broke. I have had my embellisher for 5 years and used it lots and have only broken 3 needles in that time. I was feeling quite smug about it until I realised that that meant I probably needed to replace all of them. A machine needle needs replacement after a major project - the same must surely apply to felting needles. I had the feeling that the pieces I was working on were taking a long time to come together so I suspect that the barbs may now be worn. I will replace all of them this week and see if it makes a difference.

I was sure that I had taken photos of the Embroidery Guild's 40th Anniversary display, but I obviously didn't. Nor did I take any photos of the magnificent TACTile quilt exhibition: Collections. I did buy some postcards though.

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