Saturday, July 18, 2009

Progress Report

My piece for the WAFTA exhibition is finished - well, almost. I am going to stitch around the windows with a heavy (12 weight) cotton thread in both bobbin and needle. I also plan to write my name and the name of the piece in thread at the base. I estimate an hour or so tomorrow will see it done.

Juliet and I have also made good progress on the DW piece. Yesterday we straightened the edges. While it took a while to do, we found we fell readily into the pattern of work we developed for the Melville Art Project and we didn't have to reinvent the wheel.

Today we ironed a lightweight interfacing to a beautiful piece of silk dyed by Marlene. I almost cried at the thought of cutting it up, but it was perfect for the binding. The binding is now sewn on and will be slipstitched tomorrow. Then we need to add the extra bits: Jan's frogs and Loraine's dragonflies as well as assorted additional leaves. We should have it finished easily by Tuesday's deadline without stressing out.

I intended to take some photos today but forgot. I will tomorrow, and it will look better without pins, I promise.

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