Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not quite MasterChef

We followed the last week of the MasterChef Australia program with interest. While Chris was not our favourite we felt he had been dudded when Julie, who had made a hopeless mess of her dishes that night, was chosen to proceed to the final. And then she won - admittedly with better cooking than her previous effort.

I was not impressed by the way the contestants in the competition were permitted to wear such unsuitable clothing. Chris's hats were an obvious health hazard, though they did at least cover most of his greasy hair, while I kept expecting Julie's curls and frills to catch on fire. At least they wore aprons.

I could not possibly enter such a competition. I am a pretty good cook. I have done a Commercial Cooking course at TAFE as well as teaching Home Economics for many years, but I am sure I would fall to pieces under any sort of pressure.

But I can produce something pretty good for the evening meal. This was last night's offering. Fillet steak, smashed potatoes with chives, slow roasted Mediterranean vegetables (finger eggplants, baby zucchini, sliced fennel, onion, tomatoes, garlic and basil) plus steamed green beans and broccoli. Kev was so impressed he took a photo. Pity it is not presented on a white plate.

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