Sunday, January 27, 2008

Actually some fibre today

We have been rather busy organising stuff for Martin and his move to the new unit. I did manage 3 sessions of aquarobics during the week, but the only walking has been around shops. Keep forgetting to put on the pedometer in the morning as well. Today it wouldn't have registered much, but I am still really tired.

These are the batiks that I bought to use for the SCQuilters' signature swap. This will happen in May and I think there will be about 100 people in the swap so I really need to get started. Today I washed and ironed them, plus I ironed half the cream homespun I bought for the base square. I also tackled the ironing basket and reduced its contents by at least half. Feel a bit smug about that!

While the fabric (and lots of other, more boring, stuff) was drying I worked on a piece I have had hanging around for at least a year. It is scraps of synthetic fabric layered between a cotton base and a polyester top with a grid stitched to hold it in place. Then I used a soldering iron to melt the layers of synthetics so different bits were revealed. While I quite liked it, I felt it was a bit crusty and needed something else. I talked about it here.

I tried putting red tulle over the whole piece and liked the effect. I had already decided to do some bobbin work on it, so today I wound bobbin after bobbin with some gorgeous hand dyed silk threads I have had for at least 5 years. I stitched the grid again and this is the result.

I am tempted to try just a little heat gunning now to make some of the shiny bits a bit more visible.

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