Thursday, January 31, 2008

Machine problems

My SE was given the latest update week before last. A new bobbin assembly was installed which means it now cuts jump stitches in the embroidery mode. David even asked me what bobbinfill I use - obviously there is some calibration for the different types. The update was done in the morning while we were working on digitising a design; we were to stitch it out in the afternoon. The machine performed superbly and I was really pleased with the stitchout.

I haven't used the machine since then. Today I decided to do some patterned stitches on a quilt sandwich (I am still playing with ideas for both the fan and the journal quilt which is now overdue). Disastrous results. The top tension is too tight and is pulling the bobbin thread to the top.

I have reduced the top tension to half normal and the stitches are almost right, but I don't think this much adjustment should be necessary. I have flossed the tension disks in case something is lodged there and is causing the problem. Tomorrow I will stitch out an embroidery to see if it is OK.

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