Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flower Stitcher

I bought one of these attachments from Dale before Christmas.

Unfortunately it was faulty - the spring which holds the lever in place on the needle bar was broken so the lever went up with the bar and stayed up, instead of coming down to move the wheel along. As usual Dale was very helpful and agreed to replace it, but I did not manage to get into town until last week. I played a little bit with the new one, following the instructions carefully, but had no success with it. I selected the stitch on the SE, set free motion and increased foot pressure. The stitches went all over the place. Today I tried again, still with no success. Then I decided to ignore the instruction to drop the feed dogs, and just use the machine settings for each stitch. It worked!

So now I have to practise some more before I set about making the pile of rings I have in mind to use for another project.