Friday, January 11, 2008

Some fibre at last

For some reason water aerobics is at 10.30 on Fridays so I had an almost free morning.

I shot off early to the Licensing Bureau - my driver's license was due and I was not sure that I had the concession I knew I was entitled to. Turns out I was entitled to another one as well and I now have a license valid for 5 years which cost me zilch, nothing, $0! There ARE some benefits to growing older.

And since I went so early the waiting time was minimal. When I got home I realised I had an hour free so I decided to try some discharging. I saw a T-shirt in a boutique yesterday when I was out with Helen that I thought would be really easy to replicate. It used a Chinese brocade type fabric, and I knew I had something similar. But when I delved into the stash yesterday I found some red rayon which I had stamped with gold paint and I thought it might be interesting if I stamped it again with bleach.

I think it is. I used too much bleach so the stamp I used is not clear, but the bleach also took out the gold and turned it purple and made that stamped design clearer.

I still have some scraps of the stamped rayon so tomorrow I will try the discharge again. And I did go to water aerobics - that makes three times this week.

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