Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting active

I went to water aerobics on Monday and again today.

Yesterday we went walking around Manning Lake in the early morning, and then I went shopping. Unfortunately I forgot to put on the pedometer again after my shower, so I don't know what I might have achieved. I did manage over 10,000 steps on Monday though, as well as the aqua.

I am determined to shift some weight. I lost 6.5 kg before we went to New Zealand in September and I didn't put on anything while I was there. But I have been inactive since we came back (I was sick for a month, but that is no excuse not to have resumed exercising when I was better) and I have regained 2 of the lost kilos.

So this week is start again week. I have even bought some new scales that weigh in 100g increments - the old ones only measured in .5 kg. I have compared the two and both seem reasonably accurate.

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