Friday, February 22, 2008

Catching up

I have been really slack about posting, but I HAVE done some fiddling with fibre.

Monday I played with my 4D software and developed designs for a name badge and for a monogram. This is the monogram design.

I would like to say I did it all by myself, but that would be untrue. I found an online lesson and followed the steps. I am going to try modifying the technique though. I think the background is a bit too stiff.

I have done the transfer printing samples for Juliet and Iris. I delivered them to Juliet this evening and looked at all she has done. She has been direct dyeing polyester with disperse dyes for the green and yellow panels. She has succeeded in dyeing close to 20 metres of white polyester organza in a range of cool and warm greens, graduating from light to dark. I LOVE a particular olive green she has achieved - I will ask her for the recipe.

Many of my printing samples were crappy because I wanted to achieve results quickly, but it is very interesting to compare samples that Juliet did using an ironing press with those that I did using an iron. I have an old non-steam iron with a flat soleplate. I never ironed a sample for longer than 15 seconds. The resultant transfer was comparable to a sample that Juliet did some months ago which took more than a minute using a press.

Since the panels are at least a metre wide and the Wagyl segment is in the upper middle of each panel, using a press will be problematical. I think ironing is the answer, but obviously more experimentation is needed.

AND I did 4 sessions of water aerobics this week! No walking though.

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