Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Making Samples

Juliet and Iris are beavering away finishing the construction of the organza panels for the Melville Community Textile Art Project. They have decided that it it is actually quicker to do the construction themselves than have helpers. I wish them hassle-free success.

One part of the panels is is still in flux. Pieces done by a Nyoongar women's group have been arranged to fit into a Wagyl (Rainbow Serpent) shape that moves across all panels.

There have been several ideas mooted on how to do this. Piecing was ruled out very early, as was applique. It is now intended to stamp the shape. They are using disperse dyes since the panels are being constructed from polyester organzas.

I was given a job yesterday - I had been offering my services on a regular basis.

I am to make a couple of stamp pads and stamp lots of papers with transfer (disperse) dye in various colours. The idea is to see whether the Wagyl looks better in just one colour across all the panels which are different colours, or if it would look better if the stamping were in a darker shade of that panel's colour.

Today I made two stamp pads and assembled sample pieces of organza for the stamping. There are 7 different combinations of base fabric to be tested. I have completed six - I am so glad that I do not have to use the pojagi-type seams of the real panels. I have been stitching bits together, then stitching the seam allowances flat. Messy, but quick.

Tomorrow I will finish the last sample, then I will start stamping papers. Won't get much done because I have other things I have to do, but at least it is a start.

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