Thursday, February 7, 2008

More procrastination

It has been raining steadily today - Yippee!! According to a news item I heard on the radio we have had more than the expected amount for both January and February in one day. Just as well, we haven't had any rain since November? or was there a drip in December?

I went to water aerobics this morning and almost got wetter going to and returning from the Health Club than in the pool. This was my third session this week - she says, feeling smug.

I have been quite productive today. I have finished making a book cover using the woven fabric I made as a Husqvarna Club exercise and stitched with goldfish designs that were digitised in a workshop a couple of weeks ago. Looks OK. Maybe I'll post a photo later. Plus I have constructed 21 siggy squares for the Retreat swap in May. Only 49 to go, but then I have to sign and embellish them.

All this to avoid confronting the piece I really need to get done, which is the fan for the Fanning Creativity exhibition in Brisbane later this year.

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