Friday, February 29, 2008

Stamping Update

I did another set of stamping samples for the project. The present thinking is that stamping heat activated disperse dyes directly onto the panels is fraught with danger, so I did some to try behind the panels.

I used a black dye and the same stamp, but tried to get a more consistent application. I really didn't like the paper when I had finished - it was very patchy and the stamp edges far too definite. However, I ironed it onto the organza. Maybe my heat press doesn't get hot enough (though it was hot enough to burn my arm when I was trying to position the paper and fabric). It took more than a minute and a half to get a distinct print. I also found it hard to manoeuvre the A3 size litho paper and the half metre of organza. I made two prints with the press, then grabbed my homemade ironing board which is a bit bigger than A3 and heated up the old non-steam iron. It took less than 30 seconds to print the rest of the half metre with the iron set on cotton.

So I did the second piece and took the bits around to Juliet's. The prints were less patchy when placed behind the panels, and back to back even better. BUT the total effect was to dull the area where the Wagyl is to be, rather than make it a feature.

Back to the drawing board. Iris called in and the consensus was that the stamped fabric just wasn't going to work. So then we spent nearly an hour playing with various combinations of printed and plain fabric but nothing appealed to all of us. The girls are going to have a think and I have the weekend off to do something else.

I am playing on the computer with a series of photos for possible printing on fabric for a piece for Stitched and Bound. Also came up with an idea for Quilt West. Need to spread out my black and white fabrics for that one. As usual I will be pushing to meet the deadlines.

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