Sunday, February 10, 2008

Swap Meet

We went to swap meet this morning as we occasionally do on a Sunday morning. Because it was quite early we decided to go to Melville, which is the biggest of the local markets.

Melville market is usually very interesting, but we have to keep an eye out for one of Kevin's relatives who is a regular there. If he sees us we are in for at least 30 minutes of conversation, so we try to avoid him. Means that we have to leave out a big section of stalls as well.

While it was crowded, there was not a lot that appealed. I did however pick up this for $2.

The publication date is 1987 but a lot of the work is still very contemporary and interesting, especially some of the methods of presentation. Most of the photos are black and white, but there are a few coloured ones. Some well known names too - Jan Beaney for one.

I think I got a bargain.

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