Saturday, February 2, 2008

An exhibition fix

It has been a long time since I spent an afternoon visiting art exhibitions, especially textile ones.

Today I realised that it was the last day of Ruth de Vos's exhibition which I really wanted to see so I raced into the Central TAFE gallery in Perth. It was certainly worth the effort. Ruth's drafting skills are extraordinary and she has transferred her designs into skilful piecing and even more skilful free motion quilting.

One of her exhibited pieces was familiar. "Even Solomon in all his glory" won a swag of prizes at last year's QuiltWest exhibition. Her newer pieces are even more spectacular. I loved one (I think it was called "Mummy,why?") which combined pieced eucalyptus leaves and flowers with free motion embroideries of her four year old son in various stances and embroidered questions such as "Mummy, why do the ants follow each other in a line?" Obviously someone else loved it too, because it was sold.

Almost all Ruth's eucalyptus flowers are shades of pink and red, so the triptych of white blossoms titled "Vye" ( a nit picking comment here that I think the title should be "Vie" or "Vying") had stunning effect in the middle of one wall. I loved this one too, and I hope that Ruth's hopes of its selection for Quilt National in the US are realised.

Then I went to the Fremantle Arts Centre to see the latest exhibition "Skin to Skin" which is part of the Perth International Arts Festival. So different. So interesting and imaginative. I will definitely be making another visit or two before it closes. And the catalogue is an absolute bargain - a "gold coin donation" for a 24 page book with really good coloured photos of the exhibits.

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