Thursday, October 22, 2009


I wrote yesterday about Joyce Tasma who collects all sorts of stuff for her baskets, including animal skeletons and mummified fish and other creatures. She said she won't let her husband clean out the shed because he would insist on throwing out most of it. I was sitting next to Iris who nodded in agreement as Joyce spoke about her collection - she has a shed full of this kind of stuff too.

Coincidentally, today I made a start on a collection of my own. We were walking at Bibra Lake for the first time in far too long and came across a dead tortoise. It had been dead long enough for the ants to have eaten out all the insides, but the legs and head were still attached. Of course we brought it home - we each had a plastic bag for collecting litter and my collection was promptly deposited in Kevin's bag. It is now sitting on the brick path out behind the shed in the hope that the limbs will mummify a bit more.

We found a tortoise shell once before, but it no longer had limbs or head attached. Helen was doing a unit with her students on bones, so we gave it to her.

And talking of coincidence, Kevin used almost the same title for his blog today.

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