Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good progress

My finger has not stopped me at all! I still have little feeling in it, but I have no pain, so I spent the day fiddling.

I have almost finished the Aries Challenge book.

I completed the pages early this morning, then free machined the cover piece. I printed an acknowledgement page on fabric with a comic Aries pic I found somewhere years ago. Since I don't know where it came from, I won't show it here. This will be on the inside back cover.

I digitised and stitched out "the ARIES book" on the front cover, attacked it with the soldering iron, then sandwiched it with backing and two pieces of Timtex.

I have attached a binding to the cover piece which needs to be stitched down, then I have to make some buttonholes and it's finished. Should get it done tomorrow easy peasy, even though I have to take an hour or so to help Kevin collect some computers. Not a biggie - I owe him lots for all the running around yesterday after me.

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