Monday, October 5, 2009

A possible stumbling block

in my efforts to finish the Book of Aries.

I have had an appointment with a specialist hand surgeon for a couple of months - the usual wait. It was in regard to a lump on one of my fingers, a side effect of osteoarthritis. This is the third occurrence and at least it is a different finger each time. This was the last one two years ago.

The appointment was today and I fronted up expecting a wait of a least a couple of months for surgery. Nope. He had had a cancellation and could excise the cyst tomorrow. Good - no waiting. Bad - I wanted to finish my textile book by Friday for Contemporary Quilt Group.

Of course I agreed to the surgery tomorrow. Get it over with, quick. This afternoon I have done as much as I can of the bits that require fine manipulation. I have sandwiched all the pages and edged five of them. I am hoping that I will be able to free machine on Wednesday - since the lump is on my left hand I expect the major problem to be the bandage.

So think of me tomorrow about midday when the surgery is scheduled. Hungry - no food after midnight tonight. Thirsty - nothing except clear liquids until 7 am, then nothing at all. And I have to wear my glasses.

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linda stokes said...

Your finished projects look great Joan - love the MG piece.
Good luck with your surgery.