Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purple Circles

I have put together some of the buttonhole circles I made (am still making) with purple yarns and threads, a piece of hand dyed fabric that I stamped and stencilled with bleach and a piece of purple felt that I punched shades of blue polyester organza into, then circles of wool fibre and then buttonholed circles and spirals on top of those. It is interesting that most of it is done by hand - a radical departure for a confirmed machine lover like me. The piece is for the Designing Women display at the Melville Textile Art Expo which is on this weekend.

This is Purple Circles.

The phrase "Purple Circle" has been stuck in my mind for ages - ever since I had an argument with a "traditional" quilter who maintained that quiltmaking had been hijacked by a purple circle who used embellishments and machines to make wall pieces rather than hand made bed coverings which were the only "true" quilts. Huh ?!!

Last night at the WAFTA meeting the guest speaker was Joyce Tasma who makes the most interesting baskets from materials she gathers, mostly from her beach walks.

Her presentation was extremely interesting. and her photos are wonderful. I must take some credit here - she and the organisers could not get her new Macbook to talk to the data projector. I made a call to our own Mac guru, Rob, who talked me through the process to success! Thanks, Rob.

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