Thursday, October 8, 2009


the Aries book today and I'm pleased with it.

First task today was to stitch on the binding for the cover. This was NOT easy - not only were there two layers of fabric plus wadding plus Timtex, both fabric layers had fusible web on them. The needle kept gunking up, the thread broke often and there were heaps of missed stitches. It was finished eventually, though there were a couple of needle changes, lots of needle cleaning, plenty of unpicking and the occasional swear word. Here the cover is ready to have the holes cut in the spine
and here it is finished.

I painted these skewers to use to hold the pages together

and made machine cord to tie it all together.

Here is the finished book, from the top and the side though still without cord.

I will do that tonight.

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Judy said...


I love your Aries book the colour is glorious and after reading back on your blog you have my admiration that you got it finished after hand surgery.