Monday, October 26, 2009


Our walk this morning was at North Lake. We haven't been there for months and felt that it is becoming somewhat degraded. Despite the good rains the lake is a long way from being full, and you can already see the weeds poking through the shallow water.

We didn't take any photos, but here is one that Kevin took yesterday by accident. I love the colours and texture. I think it could be translated into a great background fabric. Can you guess what it is?


Carol said...

At first glance I thought it was a very beauitufl art quilt! My guess is that it's that plastic webbing they put around holes being dug in the footpath to stop old ladies and small children stumbling to their death? Great photo, fabulous colours and perspective.

Carol said...

Oops! My fingers tend to trip over themselves - that delightful word is really 'beautiful' ..... actually I like 'beauitufl' better!

Jenny said...

It would make a fabulous quilt - the previous posting gives it away though :)
Congrats on the prize!! And the Sale!!

joanlil said...

Thanks for the comments. Jenny is right - Kevin bumped the camera after he took the photo of the boardwalk refurbishment, so it wasn't a planned pic. Pure serendipity. I think I want to make a textile piece inspired by it though.