Sunday, October 18, 2009

Researching exhibition spaces

Designing Women will be holding another exhibition in November 2010 - our sixth. We are trying to find a suitable venue. The one we had last time was not very satisfactory for various reasons.

We need a space with good light, plenty of wall space, easy access and enough parking. There are not too many candidates that fit the bill.

Today Juliet and I went to look at an exhibition by a painter, Ron Nyzistor, which was hung in his studio space in Melville. I know the building well - it used to be the Alfred Bracks Library, but it has been stripped and refurbished. We have had some discussion with Ron about possibly using the space for our exhibition.

The space is wonderful. Ron is obviously a minimalist, and there were only 22 works hung. Lots and lots of blank wall. The major problem we foresee is whether he will want a final say on what we exhibit. The whole group have a meeting with him in November prior to our usual meeting.

In the meantime we are still looking for alternatives.

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