Tuesday, March 16, 2010


At the February meeting of Designing Women we were challenged to bring along a small plastic bag of textiley bits for an exchange.

All the bags were put in brown paper bags and then we had to select one of them The challenge had two parts: make something from the bits you got using a dissolvable such as Romeo or Vilene 541 AND decorate the brown paper bag and bring it back in March.
This is what I did with the bits I received.

And this is what Juliet did.

And then, as if I didn't haven't enough deadlines with Stitched and Bound (which is still two pieces of fabric and a pile of photos) and QuiltWest, I embarked on a new project - crazy squares using some of the collection of lace I have been hoarding for years.

The centre bits are textured fabric using various techniques. I started them yesterday, but ran out of steam, so no square has more than two rounds of lace attached. At this moment I don't know if they will be a quilt or a cushion.

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