Monday, March 8, 2010

Fiddling, failures and bungles

I did some more fiddling with my Textile Tantrum entries today - I think they are nearly finished. I decided to print the labels on to a ready prepared fabric sheet. OK, followed the directions and rinsed after leaving for a couple of hours. The ink ran. Decided it was still legible enough and left to dry overnight. First failure.

I also started work on the March ATC swap for Aus-NZ Art Quilters. I wanted to photo transfer onto black felt and foil over it. I printed an A4 sheet of images on TAP paper and attempted the transfer. Didn't work at all - probably the felt was too dark and too soft.

Next attempt - I dug out a packet of Tshirt transfer sheets for dark fabrics and printed off another sheet. Used a hot iron as required, and ironed on cardboard rather than the ironing board, also as required, but couldn't get it to work. I had cut out all the images and was trying to do individual transfers. I finally gave up in disgust and went and made dinner.

Then I reread the instructions and found that chemo brain had caused me to miss a crucial step - the image is printed on a paper backed film and the the two layers need to be separated. DUH!
So I have left it till tomorrow to try again.

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