Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Change in the Weather

There were major storms here in Perth last night, especially in the northern suburbs. Here it wasn't too bad, though the hail sounded like cannon balls landing on the metal roof of the veranda. After the hail came the very welcome rain, the first since November last year.

I did a 4D Pro computer workshop today which I really enjoyed. It is the first one I have done this year because they have coincided with chemo days. I plan to stitch out the project ASAP, but it has to go to the end of the queue of WiPs. I have several deadlines to meet in the next fortnight.

I finished modifying photos I want to use on one of the projects and plan to print them on Tshirt transfer paper tomorrow morning before I go to my sewing group. I tried the TAP paper by Lesley Riley, but the photo didn't transfer successfully to the dyed wool blanket I am using as my base fabric. I know the Tshirt transfers will work. I hope I can finish that part of the project tomorrow.

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