Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Frog Stitching

or rippit! rippit! I bagged the quilt for Stitched and Bound instead of doing a conventional backing and binding. Binding would not suit the quilt at all. Turned out the bagging was too baggy - the wool front of the quilt is quite stretchy, while the backing fabric is cotton drill which is very stable. I hadn't pinned it well enough, plus the uneven edges of the blanket no longer had a country like feel - they just looked as if they hadn't been properly straightened.

So this afternoon I have been unpicking. I have trimmed the edges straight and pinned really closely. Just need to stitch around the edge, turn it and re-pin for the first lot of quilting. I hope to begin this tomorrow morning. I have chemo in the afternoon - cycle 7, provided today's blood test shows the white blood cells are OK.

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