Thursday, March 4, 2010

Foil and Fabric paper

I have been playing with kitchen foil. This is the top part of a chocolate box. I glued on some letters then covered the box with foil when it was dry. Today I have dabbed the foil with some Opulence inks in blue, purple and aubergine. I still need to add more colour around the letters. Not sure whether to leave them unpainted or to colour them so they are just textured.

I made some fabric paper with crumpled foil a couple of days ago and daubed it today with Opulence in blue,teal and green. I think it needs something else - maybe one of the interferons.

Remember the bit of knitting I tried to felt and scorched? It looks much better sprayed with Radiance colours. I plan to use the embellisher on this.

I also have been playing with adding more colour to the fabric paper I made a few days ago, but because I have used Moonglow sprays it hasn't dried yet (I only did it 10 minutes ago!) so no pic.

All the products I have mentioned are available from the Thread Studio.

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