Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finished fiddling

I completed my two entries for Dale's Textile Tantrums exhibition and will deliver them tomorrow after my visit to hospital for the mid-cycle PICC line flush.

I decided not to reprint the labels and just fused them on the back of each piece. They are legible - just look a bit mucky.

The first piece is called Tantrums in the Weave and was inspired by Maggie Grey's "Stitches, Straps and Layers" book. I used some failed pieces of embellished felt, added more funky yarn and silk sari ribbon, cut it up and wove it into a new piece, held together with some freehand stitching. Still looked unfinished so I added some beads.

The second piece used up some circular skins I had made at least 2 years ago from Plaid dimensional paint which I have had had for yonks. I painted some quilt wadding with acrylic paints, arranged the skins, covered it all with a piece of green chiffon scarf and free motioned in circles. Then I attacked it with a heat tool, removing the chiffon from the skins. I have called it A Circular Argument.

I made another booboo with the phototransfer for the ATCs by printing the images on the paper side instead of the film. Not a biggie - just reprinted on the correct side. I am quite happy with the ATCs and have posted them off to New Zealand for swapping.

So I have had a successful day of fiddling.

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