Thursday, March 20, 2008


I returned the blue panel to Juliet. She was a little stressed.

The guy who is doing the hanging mechanism was supposed to have it ready by today. When Juliet rang him he was rather offside - couldn't get it up before Wednesday next week. OUCH! that meant there would be less than 24 hours to correct any errors before the official opening on Thursday. I think Juliet vented a bit and he will now have it ready on Tuesday.

We will be working hard all over Easter. Tomorrow I will help with measuring and pinning to correct length the finished panels and with pinning and stitching the bindings that outline the wagyl. Whatever we don't get done we will do on Sunday.

Today I went shopping - everything is closed tomorrow. I got all the food stuff we will need for the weekend. Time to fiddle with fibre.

I started free machining leaves on vilene 541 for "THE FAN". Murphy's Law - the metallic thread broke and got sucked into the machine's innards. Lots of searching with torches and tweezers. Thread still lost. I rang David at Bestway for help and took it in for emergency surgery. Thanks, David. I wish these new "you beaut" machines were easier to fix when you had thread tangles and tension problems.

Finished 2 leaves and started the third. Thread problems again, so have stopped to let the machine recover.

I am doing a workshop on Saturday morning. Of course I hadn't checked the list and I needed some stuff from Jackson's (art suppliers). The machine problem meant I could detour and get what I needed - well, mostly. Bunnings is open all weekend for the rest.

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