Sunday, March 30, 2008

I've done it again

There is less than a day's work left to do on the fan - even though brainstorming with Juliet has made me make some changes in the overall presentation.

So what do I do? Drop it and focus single mindedly on another project!

I had always intended to enter the WA contemporary art quilt exhibition Stitched and Bound which will be held later this year. It is a juried exhibition and only completed pieces can be entered. I have been planning my entry for a long time.

Yesterday I decided that I either needed to forget about it or try to produce the piece that I have in mind. The deadline is this Friday - April 4th.

My piece is based on photographs printed on fabric. I had already done most of the preparation - sizing and modifying the images. I finished that on Saturday. Printing was this morning's task.

Of course the printers wouldn't co-operate. Running out of ink, refusal to accept refills, difficulty in getting the rollers to pull the prepared fabric sheets through - every problem I have ever had with printing on fabric occurred today.

Eventually it was all resolved. I have the images I want printed on fabric, I have made a sample using a couple of the failed prints, the interfacing is cut, I have scrounged some essential construction bits from Alcira (who leaves for Argentina tonight - thank you so much for fitting in my request) and I think I am ready to go. I calculate eight to ten hours work to get it ready for photography.

I will report in tomorrow.

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