Sunday, March 23, 2008

The End is Nigh!

Full day's work today on the project.

Yesterday I called in to Juliet's after the Innovative Stitches session (great workshop on box making - thank you so much Helen) and found her worried about the wagyl tail. It didn't look right. We had trimmed quite a bit off the right side in order to finish the edges and we had not thought about how that would affect the overall appearance. We decided an equivalent trim on the left would do it, I took it home, cut the new shape with the soldering iron and finished it.

Today the binding was partly sewn on and we cut the tops and bottoms of the eight finished panels. Tomorrow Juliet will finish the tops and bottoms and the binding. This leaves 2 panels to go which we hope Iris will have finished by tomorrow afternoon. The wagyl bit is cut so it just needs to be sewn on, sides cut and stitched and then top and bottom finished.

Tuesday should see it all done. I am taking tomorrow off for a family gathering.

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